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Perfect Volume Filler

What is Pecsol?

Volume augmentation: in-vivo study


▶ Strong volume augmentation through strong collagen regeneration via an in-vivo Rat test

▶ No volume decrease observed

Indication e.g. penile enlargement

Male enhancement

▶ Immediate volume correction observed
▶ No migration of filling material observed unlike other fillers
▶ No volume decrease observed


1. Absolute rest is strongly recommended  after the treatment
: Patients should not drink alcohol at least 2 months after the treatment & avoid excessive exercise, long travel or sauna at least a month after the treatment

2. Do not Overcorrect
 : Due to its real strong volume augmentation capability during several weeks after injection, inject the volume at the minimum level.

3. Do not mix with other products

4. Do not inject intravascularly