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A Perfect Meso Solution

What is Miracle?

Miracle Indication

Miracle Benefits


- Long Efficacy (~1Yr)
- Better Efficacy

Dermal Layer Application

- Application to dermis layer available
- Dermal fibroblast abundant layer

Smooth Application

- Smooth application into a skin

Neocollagenesis: Long Efficacy

▶ HA mesotherapy provides only 1-2 week efficacy after a single procedure

▶ Collagen regenerated by Miracle can provide natural volumizing effect for more than a year following a single procedure

Neocollagenesis: in-vivo study
▶ Observed neocollagenesis & 1-year maintenance of Collagen regenerated  via an in-vivo Rat test
▶ Examined regenerated tissue layer with collagen
▶ Polymers were distributed throughout the tissue layers forming a 3-D Matrix

Dermis layer Application: NeoCollagenesis in dermis

▶ Miracle can be applied into dermis layer

→ Neocollagenesis in dermis layer which contains abundant dermal fibroblast  is possible with Miracle

▶ Neocollagenesis of the Dermis is very effective in improving fine wrinkles of the face

" NeoCollagenesis in dermis layer is possible "

Miracle (By Mesotherapy)

“Ideal Layer for improving fine wrinkles”
“Fast Efficacy will appear”