Developing cutting-edge technologies and products for healthy beauty

■ Collagenesis-Enabled Solubilized Active Biodegradable Polymer Technology
- enables the generation of collagen in the skin without the use of particle

- makes possible application into any dermal layer and allows mixing with other functional active ingredients.

■ Biostimulation-Enabled Rejuvenating Absorbable Thread Technology

- enables two combined actions, lifting and regenerating
- allows creation of innovative biodegradable biocompatible materials to restore volume longer and tighten the skin stronger
- enables the delivery of functional molecules into the dermal layers more efficiently

■ Smart Drug Delivery System Technology

- improves targeting of active ingredients into specific organs or tissues
- enhances solubility of hydrophobic active ingredients and stability in the aqueous phase
- protects active ingredients from endogenous proteases and peptidases